Facts About Manhattan Commercial Cleaning Services

There are many interesting facts about Manhattan commercial cleaning services and the commercial cleaning industry in general. Here are a few facts and stats you may find interesting… Did you know that commercial cleaners and janitors are among the 10 occupations with the largest employment? They are right up there with nurses, cashiers, office clerks, […]

How To Hire A Brooklyn Office Cleaning Service

Step 1: Find commercial cleaning companies in your area There are many different sites to help you find local office cleaning firms. Some people just type a search time like “Brooklyn office cleaning service” into the Google.com search engine. Others may use Google Maps, type their addresses in, click on “search nearby” and enter “commercial […]

Tips on How to Find the Best Brooklyn Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Needs

Finding the best Brooklyn commercial cleaning services is all about asking the right questions. Here are 10 important things to ask during your interview of prospective cleaning companies. 1.  “Can you give me five references from customers that have used your services for at least six months?” Asking this question will demonstrate that your cleaner […]

Office Cleaning Tips for Fall and Winter

Why relegate all your heavy duty cleaning just for springtime, when you can do a little bit extra each season to stay on top of things? Keep in mind you can always hire a professional cleaning crew to come in and tackle the big jobs for you if time is in short supply. Here are […]

What You Should Know about Brooklyn Snow Removal

Two years ago, City Councilman David Greenfield of Brooklyn stated, “The whole world is laughing that the greatest city in the world cannot manage to clear the streets. New York today looks like a Third World country.” Brooklyn was, in fact, the hardest-hit area. Here in the city, we cannot rely on government snow plows […]

What Brooklyn Commercial Cleaning Services Can Offer Your Business

Brooklyn commercial cleaning services can be just as essential as hiring a tax professional or a marketer for your business. A clean office makes an impression on clients and employees that may affect your bottom line. Here are some of the top benefits our company can offer you. No more worries about cleanliness! Every week, […]

Selecting the Right Cleaning Service Provider for you

Choosing a cleaning service provider is a very personal decision. Ultimately, you want to find a crew you can trust. You want a team that is dedicated to providing high-quality work to leave your office sparkling clean and free from germs. You want good communicators who understand your expectations and value your business. Here are a […]

“Must-Ask” Questions for Any Commercial Cleaning Company

Are you looking for a commercial cleaning company? It can be tricky to find the right people to get the job done, since you really don’t know how good they are until the cleaning commences. Some will be easy to weed out, but others may talk an impressive tale and under-deliver once the contract’s been […]

What NYC Commercial Cleaning Services Can Offer Your Business

Are you thinking about hiring an outside firm to provide NYC commercial cleaning services? Here’s what we can offer your business: Reliable, Hassle-Free Cleaning Our NYC commercial cleaning services professionals show up consistently and on-time. Your floors are cleaned and waxed. The desks and surfaces are sanitized. The bathrooms will be sparkling-clean. You’ll be able […]

Quality Cleaning Saves Time and Money

You don’t want to hire just any old Joe Schmoe off the streets of New York to clean your office. You don’t want to tell everyone to simply “clean up after themselves” and expect the office to be in spotless condition. A grungy workplace destroys morale, harbors bacteria that makes employees ill, and hurts the […]