NYC Office Cleaning Crews Use Plants to Clean

NYC Office CleaningNYC Office Cleaning Fact: Indoor Air Is Dirtier Than Outdoor Air.

Did you know that EPA studies have shown indoor air pollutants can be 20 to 100 times’ higher than outdoor air pollutants? Our NYC office cleaning firm finds this is especially true of new or recently remodeled office buildings. New carpets, paint, furniture, stain, sealant and plastics can all release massive amounts of chemicals into the air we breathe. Even copiers, inks and cleaning supplies release faint fumes that can be detected for up to one year.

NYC Office Cleaning Fact: Common House Plants Can Save The Day!

The good news is that a NASA study dating all the way back to 1989 shows that common  indoor house plants can greatly improve indoor air quality and reduce the incidence of “sick building syndrome,” which occurs in office buildings or homes with poor ventilation. To conduct the study, researchers injected chemicals into sealed plexi-glass chambers containing different types of plants. According to senior researcher Bill Wolverton, “Plants take substances out of the air through the tiny openings in their leaves, but research in our laboratories has determined that plant leaves, roots and soil bacteria are all important in removing trace levels of toxic vapors.” A NYC office cleaning crew can improve your indoor air quality using plants, which they can also maintain for you.

NYC Office Cleaning Staff Recommendations:

  • Formaldehyde comes out of: foam insulation, plywood, particle board, carpeting, furniture, paper products and cleaners. To combat, use the corn plant, spider plant, bamboo palm, golden pothos or potted mum.
  • Benzene comes from: tobacco smoke, petroleum products, synthetic fibers, plastics, inks, dyes, rubber and detergents. To combat, use the dragon tree, potted mom, gerbera daisies, ribbon plant, English ivy or the peace lily.
  • Trichloroethylene comes from: dry cleaning, inks, dyes, adhesives, varnishes, lacquers and paints. To combat, use the dragon tree, potted mum, peace lily, gerbera daisy and ribbon plant.

Based on the NASA study findings, our NYC office cleaning crew recommends using one potted plant for every 100 square feet of space in your office.

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