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Make Your Carpet Last With Carpet Cleaning Services in NYC

nyc carpet cleaning

While it is true that regularly vacuuming carpet can extend the life, it is necessary to also have the carpet professionally cleaned by an NYC, Brooklyn & Queens Carpet Cleaning service such as Amphibious Commercial Cleaning Services in order to make it last as long as possible. Vacuuming alone cannot always remove all of the tiny dust particles and traffic stains that become embedded in the carpet through daily use, and it is important that these pollutants be removed on a regular basis.

Almost every manufacturer of carpets today recommends that they be professionally cleaned every one to two years, and some even require professional cleaning in order for the warranty to remain intact.

NYC, Brooklyn & Queens Carpet Cleaning Methods and Procedures

There are several different methods for ensuring that carpet is cleaned deep down in the fibers, but all methods should be done by a professional in order to ensure that the carpet is not permanently damaged. Whichever method is used, it is recommended that the entire carpet is cleaned at the same time, rather than just cleaning the dirty patches. This will ensure that there are no spots that look cleaner than others, and the entire area will be uniform in appearance.

The most common methods that NYC, Brooklyn & Queens carpet cleaning services use to maintain clean and attractive carpeting are:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Shampooing and foams
  • Bonnet or pad cleaning
  • Dry compounds
  • In-plant cleaning

Steam cleaning, shampooing, and foams all involve a detergent solution being sprayed or applied to the carpet and then extracted, along with the soil that was in the carpet. Bonnet or pad cleaning uses an absorbent pad attached to a rotary machine in order to remove pollutants. Dry compounds and in-plant cleaning methods are used for delicate or loose carpets in order to extract dirt with the least risk for damage.

NYC, Brooklyn & Queens Carpet Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpet

A carpet’s warranty is not the only thing to consider when looking at NYC, Brooklyn & Queens carpet cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaning not only extends the life of the carpet, but it also improves the physical appearance, removes allergens from dust for the comfort of those with respiratory problems like asthma, improves air quality, and removes any unpleasant odors that may have built up in the carpet fibers. If a carpet has gone without being professionally cleaned for a long period of time, it is possible that there could be a buildup of viruses, fungi, or bacteria that can cause serious health issues. Hire a NYC, Brooklyn & Queens Carpet Cleaning Service to prevent this from happening.

nyc carpet cleaning

Whichever method is ultimately used to clean the carpet, NYC, Brooklyn & Queens Carpet Cleaning Services are sure to guarantee that the carpet will last for the longest amount of time possible. Businesses attract a large amount of foot traffic, and clean carpets that are serviced routinely will ensure that customers will appreciate the effort taken to improve the appearance of the offices. Clean carpet will give a fresh look and smell to the business and will show that the company genuinely cares about its investments and its customers.

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