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Floor Waxing and Office Cleaning Services NYC to Keep It Looking New

nyc floor waxingHiring Amphibious Commercial Cleaning Services to manage all of your NYC floor waxing needs can guarantee that your building will look pleasant and professional, pleasing tenants, customers, and employees.  Floors are one of the most noticeable features of any business, and their appearance can make or break a customer’s first impression of the company.

Clean Floors Improve Your Employees’ Morale

It has also been proven that a clean, healthy work environment will raise employee morale and actually increase profitability.  Since the success of a business generally depends on productive employees and clients coming back time and again, keeping up the maintenance and appearance of floors should be a high priority. If customers notice dirty or scuffed floors, they might form a negative opinion about the company and how much it cares about constructing a positive image.

Areas that receive a high amount of traffic are more vulnerable to becoming dirty or scratched, and sometimes they even become discolored. Usual wear and tear cannot be prevented, but it can be remedied or made less likely to have major effects. Dirty floors that are covered in nicks and scratches are unattractive to customers and do not look professional, and they can also be more likely to cause a person to slip or fall. It is important to hire an NYC floor waxing service to make your floors look like they are brand new again.

NYC Floor Waxing Methods that Extend the Life of Your Building’s Floor Surface

Several different methods can be used to improve the appearance of floors. NYC floor waxing performed by Amphibious Commercial Cleaning Services use high-speed polishing to make floors shine like new. Sealing and waxing will protect the floors, and honing will remove nicks and scratches from marble and stone floors to give them a new shine.

The use of grinding machines will also remove scratches and coatings, and it can even make floors more level. Old, dull layers of wax can be stripped off so that a clean, new coat can be applied. These methods should always be done by a professional so that the floor doesn’t receive any permanent damage that will end up costing more than the amount saved.

Over time, floors that were once shiny can become dull, but our NYC floor waxing services can restore them to their original luster and reduce the effects of general wear and tear. It is recommended by experts that floors should be cleaned on a regular basis to extend their life, and our NYC floor waxing services can do just that. Preventative maintenance will always save the company money in the long run because repairs and replacements are always more expensive than simply taking good care of the floor that is already in place.

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